Adrienne Maloof Showing Off Her Boy at The Grammy’s

Adrienne Maloof Showing Off Her Boy at The Grammy’s

Adrienne_Maloof_Sean_StewartAdrienne Maloof is really playing her cougar card well. And it seems like she wants everyone to know it.

Since her breakup with Paul Nasariff, she quickly snagged up her cub Sean Stewart and she hasn’t been shy about showing him off.

And, according to insiders from Perez Hilton, she was more concerned with showing him off than she was actually spending any time with him.

“Adrienne made sure everyone knew Sean was there with her and she flaunted him around all night like arm candy. Sean didn’t seem thrilled to be there, but pretty much did whatever Adrienne told him to and followed her around like a lost puppy. When the cameras weren’t snapping, she spent most of the time schmoozing with publicists and media instead of hanging out with Sean.”

Maybe all the media attention is getting to her?

Who knows…

But if she keeps up these antics, our hunch is that she’s not gonna be with him for much longer.